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MET CS 679 – Enterprise Architecture

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Course Author: Brad Kay.Goodman

Course Team:

Instructional Designer: Brad Kay.Goodman
Instructor: Robert Schudy
Primary Content Contributor: Marcia Nizzari
Content Contributor: Bill Cullen
Student Service Coordinator: Jennifer Sullivan
Media Team Members: Robert Haley, Charles Southworth, Malcolm Johnstone, Jin Chyung
Lead Technical Support: Ron Giltrap

From the Author:

"At Boston University, we are committed to finding ways for all of our students to reach their learning goals and objectives by creating a collaborative and innovative learning environment. We work as a team with the instructors to best utilize a vast array of tools so that our students are able to find their own paths to meet those goals----no matter what their individual learning needs or tendencies. Our students expect and deserve that their experience at Boston University, whether they are on-campus or online anywhere in the world, be exciting and valuable and our office is dedicated to doing everything in our power to meet those expectations, the criteria that Blackboard emphasizes in the Exemplary Course program helps us meet those goals."

About the Course:

This Enterprise Architecture course builds upon the strong technical foundation of that Boston University’s Computer Science & Information Technology curriculum offers; by providing students with the CIO-level management perspective and skills of enterprise architecture, in the context of the technologies that implement those architectures. The text provides much of the management content of the course, and the interactive online content provides both management and technical skills. Students learn that enterprise architectures are best developed incrementally, by system development projects that are designed to conform to and become part of the overall enterprise architecture. The content of the course therefore includes many real enterprise system development case studies, showing how these enterprise systems contributed to and helped define the overall enterprise architecture. The course also includes a number of realistic enterprise architecture assignments and an incremental term project with components spanning the course to provide students with hands-on enterprise architecture experience. The course provides students with the understanding and skills needed to define and implement successful enterprise architectures that provide real value to organizations, such as substantially reducing IT costs while improving performance, agility, and alignment of information technology to business goals.

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