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How To Get SafeAssign

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SafeAssign is available for all Blackboard enterprise clients, at no additional cost. See 'What do we need to run this?" at

SafeAssign is delivered and integrated via a Blackboard Building Block or Blackboard PowerLink, both of which are available now from the Download Centre, Behind the Blackboard for Blackboard System Administrators with Behind the Blackboardaccess. Once installed and enabled, instructors can start preventing plagiarism in their courses immediately.

NOTE: Beginning with Release 8.0 of the Blackboard Learning System - Enterprise, CE Enterprise and Vista Enterprise Licenses, the SafeAssign Building Block/PowerLink will ship pre-installed with the product to make it even easier for clients to start using.

If you are a Blackboard faculty or student interested in getting SafeAssign, please contact your System Administrator.  


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