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Direct Submit Reports

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To view the Reports for the papers you have submitted directly with the Direct Submit feature, use the following steps:

To Access Your Direct Submit management console

For BbLS Enterprise: Go to the Control Panel for the Course

  • Click "SafeAssign"
  • Choose the Direct Submit tab within the SafeAssign management console.

For CE & Vista:

  • Click the Direct Submit content link

To View Report

  1. Once you are in your Direct Submit management console, you should see a list of every paper you directly submitted.
  2. Click on the "SA Report" icon to launch the Originality Report for each.

Managing Direct Submits

You can store and organize the papers you have directly submitted through the Direct Submit feature the file folders to the left of the Direct Submit management console.

  • Private Folders - only you can see the papers and associated reports stored in the Private Folders
  • Shared Folders - anyone with access to the Control Panel>Direct Submit in the course can see the papers and associated reports that you store in the Shared Folders
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