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Web Design and Production

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Course Author: Paige Brooks-Jeffiers

From the Author:

"KCTCS is focused on offering quality content and courses to our students. So, as the system wide CMS trainer, I encouraged several faculty to submit their courses to the ECP. I knew this would be a great way for them to receive excellent feedback from outside sources on their development and use of online tools and resources to help improve the quality of courses. Since I also adjunct for one of our colleges, I thought it only fair that I submit my course along with them. I found it to be a very rewarding experience. When assessing my course against the ECP rubric I was quite pleased to see validation for several aspects of my course including course design and use of tools. And now that I’ve been selected as an Exemplary Course winner, as the system trainer I can say I have proof I know what I’m doing. ;)"

About the Course:

IT 130, Web Design and Production, is a completely online course designed for the beginner web designer, as well as students who are new to taking an online course. This course covers all the important steps of creating multimedia for websites and creating the website itself. The course is set up to allow users to work at their own pace (with suggested due dates for those who need more structure), but the students are responsible for completing all media and two websites: one by hand-coding and one with Dreamweaver or similar tool. Most assignments in the course are posted to individual student blogs, allowing all students enrolled in the course to see, explore and comment on each other’s work. Students also complete a group project of writing and compiling resources for a quick-start guide for one of the topics of the course. This helps them to gain greater understanding of at least one topic in the course.  Groups then use the wiki tool to create and share their quick-start tutorial. The last part of the course is a peer review in which they review classmates’ websites, the quick-start guides and review the work their peers have completed throughout the course.

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