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Institution: University of Northampton
Course Title: UNPAC
Submitted by: Jill Pickard

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Jill Pickard

Course Description

The University of Northampton Plagiarism Avoidance Course, otherwise known as UNPAC is a positive response to the problem of plagiarism within the university sector. It was designed for undergraduates in their first weeks of University as they work towards submitting their first assignment. It aims to help them recognise acceptable and unacceptable academic practice and explores the factors; "hazards", that increase the likelihood of plagiarism occurring. UNPAC is structured as an academic journey from induction to graduation and uses the idea of hazards (hidden dangers to the unwary, avoidable to the well prepared) as a way of exploring the risk factors. UNPAC uses road warning signs to help students identify their own particular hazards and gives guidance to develop the skills to overcome them. UNPAC is designed to be used independently and to be supportive. It's sequential and interactive structure encourages students to build a deeper understanding of this complex issue, and lets students practice their academic writing skills. UNPAC has been well received by tutors and learning support staff being described as positive and unifying. Students have evaluated it user friendly and supportive.

...From the Author

"Participating in the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program experience has been important to me because it has given UNPAC (University of Northampton Plagiarism Avoidance Course) recognition across the University and increased the debate about academic integrity and skills development, both of which are fundamental to good teaching. Personally spending time reflecting upon UNPAC has given me the opportunity to consider ways of making it better!"

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