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Oral Radiology

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Course Author: Leslie Koberna, RDH, BSDH, MPH/HSA, PhD

Associate Clinical Professor Dental Hygiene Program

Texas Woman’s University

From the Author:

"Courses that are submitted to the Blackboard Exemplary Program are evaluated by several reviewers. The feedback is invaluable and will provide many ideas for course improvement."

About the Course:

DH 3433 Oral Radiology is a hybrid course that is taught to first year dental hygiene students. The course consists of both online and traditional class activities and is designed to meet both Blackboard Exemplary Program requirements and Quality Matters best practices. Students are introduced to the course from the “Start Here” button and through an introductory email sent prior to the first day of class. “Practice Blackboard Tasks” is a button that provides the students opportunities to practice each of the tasks they will be performing in the course (i.e. sending email, posting to the discussion board). Prior to each class, the students are required to read the course material, take 3 non-graded five question self-check online quizzes, watch short videos, and complete an online worksheet. During class students take a graded quiz and participate in learning activities.  Modules for each chapter contain all the materials the students will be using. Included in the modules are the module plan, objectives and learning activities, quizzes, worksheets, and videos. The course utilizes the wiki, discussion board, and assignment functions. The students’ access grades through the grade book and course information through the “Syllabus and Course Information” and “Policies and Requirements” buttons. In addition to the information found in the syllabus, there are navigation instructions, information on how students can get organized for the course, and links to Blackboard tutorials and student resources.

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