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Ka Na`i Aupuni

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Course Authors: Kamehameha Schools Distance Learning

  • 1st row (left to right): Komarey Moss, Instructor; Clinton Iwami, Instructional Designer; Robin Racoma, Graphic Designer
  • 2nd row (left to right):  Tom Cummings, Kupuna Resource; Kaipo Hale, Hawaiian Culture Consult

From the Authors:

"The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program has been a great reflection process for course developers.  It has allowed us to self-evaluate our courses to ensure they are up to industry standards, which validates that we're incorporating effective teaching strategies for our learners."

About the Course:

The Ka Na‘i Aupuni course focuses on learning about the life of Kamehameha I, the first ruler of all Hawai‘i. Ka Na‘i Aupuni references to Kamehameha’s ability to unite the islands under his rule and leadership. This course presents information about his prophetic birth, his childhood, his years as a young student learning from great teachers and mentors, his awesome leadership qualities as a warrior, and his time as a great ruling chief with the capacity to unite the islands and gain the love and respect of his people. The mo‘olelo or stories, and the mele or songs and chants, along with a variety of ‘ohana or family activities selected are intended to teach parents and caregivers about our great ruler and chief, Kamehameha I, so they can share with their ‘ohana the ‘ike or knowledge that they have learned.

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