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DAV733 Globalization and the Aviation Environment

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Course Authors: Dr. Frank Richey (Course Developer/Instructor), Jan Neal (Instructional Designer), and Bob Score (Media Specialist)

From the Authors:

"Submitting DAV 733: Globalization and the Aviation Environment to the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program prompted me, as the Instructional Designer, to evaluate every component of the course against the best practices for design of asynchronous online instruction. This was invaluable as it produced several salient learning points I’ll employ in my future course developments. Second, winning the Catalyst award validated the course template and the development process our Instructional Design and Development team employs, substantiating Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s role as a leader in online higher education."

About the Course:

DAV 733: Globalization and the Aviation Environment is a multidisciplinary course that develops the student’s understanding of global aviation and the governance and management of industry related technology and human resources. Instruction begins with an overview presenting the historical perspectives of the development and maturation of national and international aviation. It covers the organizational structure and management of airlines and flight departments, legalities of international operations and flight planning, and aircraft selection and scheduling, and concludes with the challenges of modernizing global aviation.

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