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Contemporary Issues in Art Education

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Course Authors:
Lead Instructional Designer: James A. Frey

Instructor: Judith W. Simpson
Instructional Designer: Fawn Thompson
Student Services Coordinator: Daisy Cerritos
Media Team Members:  Charles Southworth, Malcolm Johnstone, Jin Chyung
Lead Technical Support: Ron Giltrap

From the Author:

"Boston University has been in the business of providing high-quality education online for the past decade.  In service of that goal, our team strives constantly to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence and rigor for each degree or certificate program we create and maintain.  The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program is perfectly aligned with our mission.  The benchmarks set by the rubrics are both impressively high and academically sound.  Participating in the program enables our team to measure our work against those excellent rubrics, encouraging constant enhancement and refinement.  The opportunity for peer recognition is also a terrific benefit.  We are very happy to be part of such a valuable program."

About the Course:

AR 600 - Contemporary Issues in Art Education examines current trends in practice and theory as well as artists of the past and present who express contemporary personal, social and global concerns in their work. Discussions are focused on how the course content can influence classroom curriculum and instruction. Students conduct library research to find related articles on a topic relative to the course content. Assignments are written, visual and digital. Students enjoy a rich and multi-faceted online experience that includes audio, video, imagery, interactive media, and class discussion.

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