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Reviewers Wanted for the 2009 Exemplary Course Program!

Are you thinking about participating in the 2009 Exemplary Course Program but are reluctant to submit course? That is absolutely alright. We are actively seeking volunteers interested in serving as reviewers for the 2009 Program. Reviewers play a critical role in the program by reviewing and evaluating submitted courses. All interested parties are welcome regardless of whether or not you have reviewed courses for the Exemplary Course Program before- training will be provided for everyone and anyone who is interested.

 What are the benefits of reviewing?

Reviewing courses for the Exemplary Course program has several benefits. Listed below are just a few of them:

1. Learn how to build your own courses more effectively: If you've never thought to use any kind of formal rubric when preparing a course you will learn the value of doing so. Through the review process you will see how instructors and designers have created courses that incorporate the four fundamental criteria of the rubric (course design, interaction & collaboration, assessment and learner support). By learning these best practices you will start to think about applying and implementing these concepts when building your own courses.

2. Learn how to create more engaging courses: An engaging course is a course that keeps your students interested and motivated and this in turn, keeps you motivated too. You will become very familiar with some of the basic principles of course creation through the course design and interaction & collaboration aspects of the rubric.

 3. Get ideas for your courses: In reviewing submissions for the 2009 Exemplary Course Program you will, in all likelihood, come away with some ideas for your own courses. Some of these ideas may come from your increasing familiarity with the rubric; other ideas may come from the submitted courses themselves. Either way, you will learn something new that you will be able to employ into your own coursework.

4. Create a winning course of your own: Through the review process you will learn the requirements for submitting your own course to the Exemplary Course Program. In other words, you will become so incredibly familiar with the rubric and the standards associated with a winning course that you will be able to submit your own course for consideration in a future Exemplary Course Program.

How do I sign-up?

If you're interested in signing-up to be a 2009 Exemplary Course Reviewer we thank you so very much for volunteering to participate in the 2009 Program. Please click on the link below and fill out the required fields. You will be hearing from us again soon with more information regarding training, access to submitted courses and more. Thank you again for participating in the 2009 Exemplary Course Program.

Sign up to be a reviewer here!

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